When do I need a Permit?

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Whether your project will require a permit will depend on the project's location and the scope of work to be performed.  Larger projects and projects in environmentally sensitive areas will be more likely to require a permit.

Typically, Adk Compliance will file a Jurisdictional Inquiry with the Adirondack Park Agency on behalf of their clients at the start of a project.  This ensures, in writing, whether a project will require a permit or whether it is non-jurisdictional.

Any projects that involve a water body may also require a permit from the Department of Environmental Conservation and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Since each project is unique it is best to call Adk Compliance to discuss the scope of the project and the best way to proceed.

The following will require an APA permit:

Projects in Wetland Areas

Projects within 1/4 mile of a Wild, Scenic or Recreational River

Projects within 1/8 mile of Wilderness Areas

All Sub-Divisions within Resource Management

New Commercial, Industrial and Public Buildings/Facilities outside of Hamlets