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One or more of the Agencies listed may need to be consulted for your project:


NYS Adirondack Park Agency (APA)


• Construction of dwellings
• Subdivisions of land
• Activities in or affecting
• Change in use of certain buildings
• New or expanded commercial & industrial uses
Shoreline development, disturbance or vegetative cutting along lakes & rivers
• Towers & other structures over 40’ in height
• Waste disposal areas

And other activities


NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)


• Disturbance of bed or banks of streams, lakes, rivers - may include bridges, boathouses, shoreline stabilization
• Large wastewater systems
• Floating objects in navigable waters
• Public water supplies
• Storm water discharge for construction sites 1 acre or larger
And other activities


NYS Department of Health (DOH)


• Realty subdivisions of five or more lots, each five acres or less
• Alternative septic systems
• Shared (“community”) household water supplies
• Food service establishments

And other activities 


NYS Department of Transportation (DOT)


• Work in State Highway ROWs including new driveway access, underground & overhead utilities
And other activities           


Army Corps of Engineers  (USACE)

  • Nationwide and Regional Permits
  • Navigable waters
  • Freshwater wetlands


  Town Building Departments, Code Enforcement Officers, and Planning Boards (LOCAL)

  • Site plan review
  • Building permits
  • Demolition permits
  • Septic Permits


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